Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're all atwitter... in Germany!

When I received a pitch for a book with the premise "what to expect when your spouse wins the Nobel Prize" I laughed and wondered, How big could this market possible be -- spouses of Nobel prizewinners? But I loved the idea, knew there was a bigger market for this extraordinary story and envisioned a beautiful gift book.

So -- who'd a thunk our book would be gifted to every Nobel Laureate this year in Lindau? Here's the first page of the programme, author Anita Laughlin gave a reading earlier today in Germany...

We're all atwitter!
I confess, I only recently learned how to really use twitter to communicate -- and this morning I am having a dialogue with participants in Lindau! One little #hashtag and one little @message and there I am on the Nobel homepage getting feedback about author Anita Laughlin's reading earlier today. Wow. 

We are awaiting photos from tomorrow's Opening Ceremony Dinner, where guests will all receive a copy. I'm doing a dance in my little ole office in Deadwood, Oregon... and today Wyatt-MacKenzie added our 116th title to Amazon!