Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Highlights, Low Lights, and, Delight.

A fall to remember... and forget. 

The dismay over what happened this election was tempered, if only slightly, by a few incredible appearances of our titles in prestigious magazines—Orion and Foreword. So honored by both.

 “In Secrets of Worry Dolls Impellizzeri winningly weaves together the stories of a mother and daughter ... both women are well drawn, and their stories take surprising turns that deepening their relationship.” — FOREWORD

 “Staffanson explains with awe and humility why he threw over a brilliant career in classical music to work on behalf of Native American values and make them available to a spiritually bankrupt nation.” — ORION MAGAZINE

*  *  *  *  *


One of the wonderful lessons from graduate school this semester was the idea of bringing delight into the book experience, however that might be. I've always subscribed to this delightful philosophy...

Our second book-inspired scented candle ~ I was over the moon when I received my Secrets of Worry Dolls Book Scents Candle, complete with an itty bitty worry doll. Delighted.

Book-inspired seed packets ~ The ARCs of our environmental novel The Promise of Pierson Orchard were accompanied by Zinnia seeds, straight out of the story. Super delighted.

Crazy fun for an entertaining memoir ~ I went way out on a delightful limb with our spring celebrity memoir, giving a fanciful nod to the author's funny and determined spirit, the iconic role she had on 1970s TV and one of her legendary co-stars.

*SPOILER ALERT email me for an advance review copy of RUN, HOLLY, RUN! instead of watching this video

My Master’s Degree in Publishing Update...
I'm thrilled to report—one semester down! Two classes complete and 12 to go, and yes, a 4.0. I'm having a ball. Granted, I get a little defensive when textbooks, guest lecturers, or even the professors belittle the little *ahem* guys. 

I mentioned creating a fake book for one of the classes—watch the beginning of my final presentation, below. (Tip of the hat to Caroline Zani for her voice-over guy! Too much fun.)

The ironic delight of this project (fake cover, below) came when my research for a fake pie-in-the-sky foreword writer—a celebrity with the disease—turned out to actually be in a real upcoming Spring 2017 Wyatt-MacKenzie book! Whoa. #mycrazypublishinglife #masters@50