Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wyatt-MacKenzie's Fall 2012 Imprint Releases

It’s been an exciting Fall 2012 season for our Imprint Program. January begins our eighth year of offering this empowering publishing option. We’ve launched over 70 Imprints—helping entrepreneurial authors make smart publishing decisions, produce beautiful books, and learn about distribution, book marketing, publicity, branding, career-building, and the ins-and-outs of this crazy publishing industry.

Our Family of Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprints

New Fall 2012 Imprint Releases

Lela Davidson will release her second book under Jupiter Press in December. As she did in BLACKLISTED FROM THE PTA, Lela shows us that “laughing at yourself and your family is the surest path to tranquility—or at least the most fun.” WHO PEED ON MY YOGA MAT? proves happiness is really just a matter of perspective. Lela makes me laugh. Hard.

Sheri Keys releases her sixth book under Smart Women’s Institute in December. Sheri co-authored a wildly creative and lesson-filled novel. “EVOLUTION’S HERO demonstrates the steps to make deeply positive personal changes, and to help usher in the dawning Spiritual Age.” This book is fascinating.

Erica Glessing directed a brilliant project with her third book under Happy Publishing. SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST FOR THE RIGHT PRICE is a collection of smart real estate professionals sharing their individual pieces of wisdom.

Attention all women on the dating scene halfway through life—from new Imprint Dub Books, FISHTAILS will delight you and make you feel so not alone, by funny-lady Nanci Williams.

Personal Branding expert Dr. Sarah David released JUMP START YOUR CAREER NOW! under new Imprint Nice Media. Sarah has collected 50 of her best tips in this great career guide.

We have a fun tween series “The Arts-Angels” under new Imprint Brushstroke Books. Janel Rodriguez Ferrer takes us inside the New York Academy of Arts and Talents on a journey all creative kids will enjoy. The first of the series is DRAWN TO YOU.

Amy Allen lets us all be armchair hikers on the Appalachian trail in SUMMONING THE MOUNTAINS from new Imprint Saille Productions. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this 1000-mile walk with Amy!

Financial expert Craig Everett released TOBY GOLD AND THE SECRET FORTUNE under new Imprint Fiscal Press, another young adult fiction with a big message—being smart with money. This book received great reviews! I highly recommend it for your children’s reading lists.

And we’re looking forward to welcoming new Imprints in 2013!