Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wyatt-MacKenzie's Spring 2013 Imprint Releases

Our Imprint Program is still the smartest publishing option out there! Here are some of the great Imprint authors with books out in early 2013...

We celebrated Heart Health Month in February with the release of this life-saving book WHY MOST WOMEN DIE: How Women Can Fight Their #1 Killer: Heart Disease written by practicing cardiologist Dr. Shyla High. Every woman needs to read this powerful little book!

Inspiring young author Krystal Grant has launched a fiction series based on southern living and loving. UNDER THE PALMETTO TREE, the first novella released in February, is a lovely lacing together of tragedy, ancestry, and religious beliefs.

ALPHABET PUKE: Monsters Medicine from A-Z is a light-hearted approach to medical terms for ages 4 to 8. The illustrations in this book are extraordinarily creative, fun and spunky — kids will love it, as will doctors and health care professionals. Quinn Cole works with science researchers at an academic medical center and has been writing children’s fiction and non-fiction for nearly 20 years.

 Coming in May during Nurses Week is the thrilling mystery DEATH WITHOUT CAUSE by award-winning nurse, leader and teacher Pamela Triolo. The scary premise for this novel: You go to the hospital to heal. Yet you place yourself at risk. Hospitals can be a very dangerous, and deadly, place.

Also coming in May, the fourth book from Promote-U-Guru Lisa Orrell YOUR EMPLOYEE BRAND IS IN YOUR HANDS. Lisa tours the world presenting her expertise to major corporations.

We're looking forward to the spring release of the first in Geoff Tigg's series of novels, THE PAINTING. This multi-layered detective story is set in British Columbia where the female lead finds the truth about a cold case, and her life.

Watch for new Imprint books later this spring!