Saturday, April 1, 2017

Celebrating the Presidency (!)

A Celebration of the Presidency Through the Eyes of Children — Oregon Publisher Releases Timely New Picture Book On April Fools’ Day 

New Book For Children and By Children Offers Heartfelt Presidential Advice and Admiration

Deadwood, Oregon PRWeb — “How To Be A Good President: Lessons from Kids” celebrates the presidency with honor and humor. The book endears the Leader of the Free World: “You’re the most important person in the country! Kids are counting on you, and we want to help. We want to share the lessons we learned—when we were little—to help you be a good president. Please enjoy our book, it has action steps for kids to follow . . . straight to the White House!”

Short and simple—this little book is as easy to read as a tweet, and packs an apolitical punch. In the vein of “Everything I Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten,” its non-partisan message applies to children as much as world leadership. 

If children apply the six lessons in “How To Be A Good President” to everyday situations, they will serve as good role models for their community, and someday the world. Each piece of advice includes call-to-actions for kids. For example, Lesson #2 is “Choose Your Friends Wisely” and includes tips such as: try to persuade a friend to be kind and to compromise; avoid saying negative things even to people who are not being nice; don’t give into peer pressure to do or say something you know is wrong. Lessons are accompanied by notes for parents and teachers to provide a deeper layer of learning and application. Sketch pages in the back give children space to write and illustrate their own lessons and action list.

How children define the presidency will have a significant impact on how they will guide America in the future. When kids learn to be accountable for their actions, to respect diversity, and to show compassion, they are learning how to be a good president for the American citizens.

No matter what your age or occupation—from grade school to grad school to the capitol—there are skills for excellence in leadership packed in this child-size treatise on decorum, which is an unwavering love letter to the position of Commander-in-Chief.

“How To Be A Good President” is available at A portion of the proceeds from this book will provide no-cost copies to schools and organizations in need. If a classroom, club, or community program could benefit from the lessons in this book, individuals are encouraged to contact the publisher with a request for gratis copies. 

"How To Be A Good President: Lessons from Kids" (Wyatt-MacKenzie, April 1, 2017); ISBN: 978-1-942545-85-9, 8.5 x 8.5 softcover; $12.50; 16 full-color pages with illustrations, lessons, action steps for kids and advice for teachers and parents, plus a surprise ending. Distributed by Ingram, Follett, Coutts, Bertrams, and Gardners.

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