Sunday, January 31, 2016

Upcoming Novels

~ Upcoming Romance Novels ~

We have two novels on tap that will be great for book clubs...

This summer we have a self-fulfilling romance novel from Caroline Zani, a grade school teacher and psychic medium. Piper, Once & Again magically mirrors the author's own life—she wrote her dreams into fiction only to find them come to fruition years later. A man from her past reappeared, she signed a publishing contract for her 2008 novel, and her ARCs will become wedding favors in February as she marries the love of her life, having connected with him, again.

Piper, Once & Again came to us through a literary agent to the stars—she represents some of my metaphysical heroes, who we're now pitching for blurbs. So full-circle fulfilling!

And coming later in the Fall is a sweet romance Triple Love Score by Brandi Granett, a very talented writer with a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University and an MFA in Fiction from Sarah Lawrence College. When she is not writing, or teaching college classes, she is honing her archery skills, which I'm sure will come in hand for publicity.

In a wonderful way, Triple Love Score reminds me of two of my current favorite TV shows, "A Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce" and "Younger"—the lead character, poetry professor Miranda Shane, throws out conventions in her writing career and becomes an internet sensation when she starts playing with Scrabble + poetry + social media. She lands deals every writer would kill for, has an affair with a graduate student, and faces a life she didn't expect, and decisions she never thought she was strong enough to make.

*2/4/16 UPDATE* After a concerted team effort, we were thrilled to land permissions from Hasbro to use photographs of Scrabble® poems throughout the book!