Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Working Remotely — Guess Where!

So, we've been working some long hours the last four months. Our spring books are making a splash, and so are we (FIRST HINT). I am excited to announce -- for the next few weeks we will be working remotely, well, even more remotely than Deadwood.

Many years ago one of Imprints offered us the use of her second home, and this month we took her up on it! Stay tuned for the second company excursion of 2012. The trip will hold a bunch of firsts for Wyatt and MacKenzie. Joey lived there with his mom for a year when he was in his teens. I've been wanting and waiting to go back there for 22 years.

MORE HINTS: The last time I was there was also a work trip. Seems like a lifetime ago, well I guess it was half a lifetime! During that trip I...walked on hot coals, jumped off a telephone pole and caught a trapeze swing, stopped eating meat, and performed an obnoxious clap more times than I wish to count. But I listened. And I absorbed. And while I didn't really fit in with that crowd as I worked behind the scenes, I saw people believing in their potential, and I began to full-heartedly believe in mine.

Have a guess? Post on our facebook wall. We'll be writing, and working, from there soon...stay tuned.