Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprints Summer/Fall 2014

The Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint Program continues to be the most empowered, transparent, and smartest investment for anyone making the self publishing decision. 

Here are the incredible Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint books out in late Summer and Fall 2014.
One of our most fascinating team of co-workers we've ever met — a Hells Angels president and the cop you pursued him co-wrote this inside look at the Minneapolis bike organization and the journey of a determined detective. BREAKING THE CODE already hit the Amazon #1 Best Seller List a day before it's official release on August 1.

Ellen Newhouse has bravely written a compelling memoir NOTHING EVER GOES ON HERE, set for a release in late Septembera raw examination of a dysfunctional family and how the lines are often blurred between love, loyalty and betrayal.

Jan Attard has written an inspiring approach to life in A TUNNEL VISION: A FOCUSED LIFE, set for release in late September.

Imprint Pamela Triolo will release the second novel in her healthcare series in November, THE IMPOSTER is a medical mystery woven with romantic suspense.

Angela Mia White has released her healing book FROM SICK TO BLISS TO CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD which hit an Amazon best-seller list the week of its release in July.

Marcelle Guy wrote a deeply moving memoir that's a cross between The Exorcist and Sybil, ELLEVIE: A True Story of Repressed Memories and Multiple Personality Disorder was released in June.

Alissa Jones is a powerhouse. THE STONES THAT BUILT ME STRONG: Turning Hurtful Stones from Your Past into Stepping Stones for Success is her memoir released in June that I know will go on to help many young women.

Lou Gary Hughes, Jr. has an innovative program inside his September release WHY EXPERIENCE which is filled with QR Codes leading the reader to custom videos.

Deborah Beasley released her second Imprint title, again with a mission to help kids. SWEET PICKLES: The Girl Who Would Not Speak is the sweetest little children's book that addresses selective mutism and childhood social anxiety.

I'm most proud of Deborah Hurley who released a second edition of her book FRAGMENTS OF HOPE under her own Imprint in June. Deborah has added a second part to her captivating story about overcoming depression.

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