Monday, October 31, 2016

Our October Surprises!

We're thrilled to have our titles featured in these prestigious publishing outlets! 


Our December book SECRETS OF WORRY DOLLS (Dec. 2016) is ready, and our January release THE WRONG KIND OF INDIAN (Jan 2017) will ship in about 4 weeks. ARCs for our Spring 2017 releases—MR. CLARK’S BIG BAND from Meredith O’Brien, MANNERS. I KNOW, RIGHT? from Norman Crampton and his team of millennials, and CREATE! by Ronald Rand which I am out-of-my-skull excited about designing—are in the layout department. I'm also extremely happy to be finishing my first semester of grad school! Stay tuned, I might post one of my final projects in the next blog. I thought I enjoyed having a real press, I'm having a BLAST creating a fake one!

* * *