Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wyatt-MacKenzie's Phenomenal Fall 2011

On September 1st we launched "the little financial book that could" — Danny Kofke and A SIMPLE BOOK OF FINANCIAL WISDOM took the media by storm! TV appearances included Atlanta Live, Fox News, Fox Business, The CBS Early Show and The 700 Club, plus dozens of radio interviews and articles each week. "The Secret of Living Well on $40,000 a Year" was one article in US World & News Report which also landed on Yahoo's homepage (and in many water cooler conversations) and collected 5,858 comments

Here's Danny and his wife Tracy being interviewed by Erica Hill on The Early Show. The segment was incredible, CBS flew a crew down to Georgia and then hosted Danny and his wife in New York City.

What did Danny's hard work, tenacious follow-ups, and sweet southern charm result in? Danny's little book shot to #1 in "Personal Finance" on Amazon, ahead of one of his heroes, Clark Howard. Thrilling!

A little publishing funny... this was my favorite comment on Danny's article. I almost fell off my chair laughing (you know, that crazy high-pitched laugh). Oh, if only...

NEW ACQUISITIONS ~ Our Spring 2012 Roster!

I really enjoyed this article “6 Things Jeff Bezo Knew” — his keys to a company's success align with many of mine: • exhaust all resources • think long-term • it's not okay to be timid • obsess over customers. When I decide to sign an author to Wyatt-MacKenzie's traditional roster it's a big commitment, for both of us. I feel blessed and honored to be given the opportunity to work with talented, smart, energetic writers and I thrive on making dreams come to beautiful, beyond-expectations fulfilling fruition. Truly. Over the summer, after much consideration and many proposals (many big-agency represented), we are excited to have signed these awesome women for release in the Spring of 2012.

Ruth Fett is a successful single mother of eight with a very simple, straight-forward approach to parenting in 10 DAILY QUESTIONS TO BE A BETTER PARENT.

M Dickson is a smart, young, endearing comedian with DEAR DAD, IT'S OVER, a hilarious yet heart-tugging book which will resonate with anyone who has experienced divorce, an absent parent, and/or step-family, and undergone the self-exploration and self-preservation which goes along with handling these relationships.

Tara Masih is an award-winning editor with a collection of talented writers with diverse voices — Native American, African American, Asian, European, White — on delicate topics such as racism, war, self-identity, gender, and societal expectations. We both visualize THE CHALK CIRCLE in classrooms around the world.

Tommie Vaughn has a rockin' 3-book series that intrigued us on so many levels. For every girl who dreamed of becoming a rock star, they can follow Frankie Spencer through her wild ride beginning with THIS ROCK IN MY HEART. We look forward to the enhanced ebook edition which will have the author's music and behind-the-stage videos (the fiction series is loosely based on Tommie's own life.) 

I'm beyond excited, getting these four new manuscripts ready for ARCs, the gals have some HUGE endorsers lined up, can't wait to share big news next time!