Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprints ~ Past Year in Review!

In the spring I like to recap on the incredible imprint books we've had the privilege to assist authors in launching. The Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint Program is thriving after over nine years of helping talented writers who choose to release their own books professionally, creatively, confidently, and proudly under our umbrella.

Our Big Award-Winner
This is the little book that could! THE IMPROBABLE WONDERS OF MOOJIE LITTLEMAN by gifted writer Robin Gregory has won more awards than I can count, including TWO Best Book Cover Design, which thrills me to no end.

Travel Guides!
These are the first travel guides I've had the utter joy of designing. I feel like I've toured Italy through EMILIA-ROMANGA and TUSCANY. If you ever need assistance planning your itinerary, check out Matt and Zeneba at Little Roads Europe.

 Powerful Women with Non-Fiction
Everyone knows my favorite thing in the world to do is help smart, powerful women fulfill their publishing dreams. These women inspire me in their unfaltering efforts to not only achieve their goals, but to also lift others up so they can achieve theirs as well.

I've worked with many different professionals, and it was an honor to serve The Honorable Judge Penny. She helps young women all over Atlanta, and now with her book REAL TALK her words reach an international audience.


When a university press didn't accept Professor Judy Scales-Trent's manuscript about her paternal grandfather, A BLACK MAN'S JOURNEY FROM SHARECROPPER TO COLLEGE PRESIDENT, I helped her. The same university press was astounded when she handed them her beautiful tome, complete with 1400 footnotes and an index to rival any out there. Among many ground-breaking accomplishments, her grandfather was one of the founders of the United Negro College Fund.


Anna Elena Berlin is one of those energies who shines so brightly you're not sure if she's of this earth. We sat next to each other at lunch during the Willamette Writer's Conference in Portland last year and sparks flew. She helps people locally in Mexico and all around the world with her personal coaching and her book GET WHAT YOU NEED. She's illuminating.

Erin Taylor is improving the lives of children—her book CONNECTION & KINDNESS is the tool she uses to coach parents. I've been so impressed with everything I watch Erin achieve. Find her at It Takes A Village Parent Coaching. (I know, what a great name!)

And a few gentlemen with great non-fiction...
Yes, every now and then we let a boy into our club. These two are exceptional men helping others with life-changing health books.

Dr. Alan Dattner is a world-renowned holistic dermatologist. RADIANT SKIN is his award-winning book that will help millions.

Nick Mirrione has a fascinating weight loss story—WHO IS THIS GUY? is co-written with his bariatric surgeon. Watching the journey of this patient and doctor will help so many.

 And... World War 3. 
Okay, this book scared the shit out of me—THE CRUCIBLE OF GLOBAL WAR is brewing. Christopher Petitt is brilliant, and his book shows how history repeats itself.

New Books from Existing Imprints!
And, the beauty of establishing your own imprint is being able to add books to your money-making, platform-building, reach-expanding machine, like these existing imprints have done.

Tom Ingrassia brought an absolutely wild second book to us. REFLECTIONS OF A LOVE SUPREME is filled with fan photos of The Supremes and Tom's keen commentary about Motown. A winner of numerous indie book awards! Catch Tom on WCUW 91.3 FM in Worcester, Mass, some of my old stomping grounds.

Funny lady Lela Davidson released her third book, FAKING BALANCE, under her imprint and it has since been adopted as required reading for a Family Work-Stress Course at a university! Lela is "one of the most creative minds in the country" at One Country Media.

Kathleen Logan released her second book under her Second Blooming imprint. WOMEN'S WISDOM, PASS IT ON is a beautiful award-winning little gift book. I had fun with the design of this one in full-color. Judges at the Benjamin Franklin Awards wrote: “Beautiful layout and use of color on interior. Book feels great and when a reader has it in their hand, will be very appealing. Font choices, and unique interior design is a winner. 

You've gottta love when sisters publish sisters, as happened with I SAID CAMEL, YOU GAVE ME CANCER—a very funny, yes funny, recovery story by Dawn Murphy, published under her sister Nanci William (author of FISHTAILS: MEN WHO BITE. DATES THAT SUCK, AND OTHER CAUTIONARY TALES). 


And COVERT ACTS is the fifth, no sixth, no seventh, no eighth book from Geoff Tigg! Once you teach them how to fish...

And another novelist who is gathering books from previous publishers and putting everything under her own imprint is Lin Wilder. Here are two of her latest, with more on the way.

Whether it's a novel that a writer wants to keep 100% of her rights on, or a self-help entrepreneur who needs to package her platform into a marketing tool and educational portal—the Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint Program is a smart, completely transparent, viable, comprehensive and, in many of my imprints' opinions, the most enjoyable path to publishing your own books.