Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Making The Twin Connection

In the last week of June, I received a simple email: "Hello Nancy, Our names are Hannah and Cailin Loesch, and we are seventeen-year-old identical twins who wrote a book about our adventures and misadventures in twinhood. Though we have sent our book to other publishers for consideration, we wanted to make sure it found its way into the hands of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing as well, as we believe that our book could potentially be a good fit for your company. We attached our submission in a Word document."

My due diligence found this "clips reel" on their website — between their entertaining writing and their witty on-screen presence, I was smitten. I responded with my traditional, "I am so impressed ... [advice here]... if you don't land your dream contract with a major publisher, please keep us in mind." And then I held my breath.

Then we spoke on the phone and magic happened. I was so impressed with these two smart young ladies, and their giggles I interpreted to mean they liked me as well. They signed with Wyatt-MacKenzie on July 1st!

We endeavored to get through editing, a photo shoot for the cover with a renowned New York photographer, the design of something totally fun using different-color painted papers for each of their voices, ARCs, proofreading, production, and made October 1 our publication goal... before Hannah and Cailin turn 18 in November. Phew!

Here they are with the ARCs...

And we did it -- 165 full-color pages with over 24 photographs! The book is already selling on BarnesandNoble.com in paperback, and already on Amazon in Kindle (with the paperback to join it, soon).

Here's the back cover copy...

What’s it like to be an identical twin?

Twinhood can be thrilling, frustrating, terrifying, and hilarious—all at the same time! Inspired by seventeen years of daily questions from strangers, teen journalists Hannah and Cailin Loesch are giving the world a peek into their lives as twins.

Going beyond the bond that only identical twins know, Hannah and Cailin hope their stories are inspiring, entertaining, and relatable to all who read them—twins, tweens, teens, parents of twins, and anyone looking for interesting anecdotes written from the perspectives of two very unique, albeit identical, teenagers.

We're celebrating bringing these bright young journalists to the publishing world! We know this won't be the last you'll see of them...