Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wyatt-MacKenzie Signs with Audible

Wyatt-MacKenzie has signed with for the distribution of our Audiobooks! Audible is the exclusive distributor of downloadable audiobooks through Amazon, iTunes, and their own membership program at

Stay tuned for the downloadable audiobook releases of Pam Leo's CONNECTION PARENTING and Sharon Ellison's TAKING POWER STRUGGLE OUT OF PARENTING. And... we are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the downloadable audiobook rights to Dr. Larry Cohen's PLAYFUL PARENTING!

Audible, Inc., an, Inc. subsidiary, is the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment, on the Internet. Audible specializes in the spoken experience, providing digital audio editions of books, newspapers and magazines, original programming, and TV and radio subscriptions. Audible has over 60,000 audio programs from more than 600 content providers that include leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers. Audible is the preeminent provider of spoken-word audio products for Apple’s iTunes® Store.