Saturday, September 4, 2010

For the Love of Publishing

I often joke with people that the best ROI on a book we've published... ever... was when a young mom who wrote a book about single motherhood gave a reading at a bookstore... and fell in love with the bookstore owner, and vice versa. They were married not long after (in one of the most breath-taking weddings it was featured in the pages of Essence Magazine!)

This week I witnessed another magical moment in a new author's journey. The moment a writer has when someone they've written about in a memoir is the first to get an advance review copy and sends a response like this...
"Sorry, but I just couldn't wait to finish before getting back to you. It's a fascinating read to say the least. Congratulations on a job beautifully done! And not for a moment do I think that my bias has colored my judgment; I am certain that other readers will find All the Pretty Shoes equally compelling.
I hope that you can forgive me one personal indulgence: From the first week or two that we met, I was fascinated by you and the story that I thought you should tell the world. By reading your book I feel charged and invigorated knowing that my judgment about you was spot-on. For that, I am quietly grateful—more, I think, than you are ever likely to imagine.
Over the course of my life, moving about as often as I did, I have had the opportunity to meet many interesting people. Some even had a book inside them. But only you had the courage, perseverance and skill to let it out. I cannot overstate my respect and pride in you."

When Marika forwarded snippets of these emails, from her many-years-past beau, I couldn't help but bubble over with happiness, and with my love of publishing.

Be sure to check out Marika's site I finished last week and read the compelling first chapter. View the photos which made it through the Holocaust and onto my scanner... Man, I love what I do.