Sunday, September 5, 2010

All our "Dubyas"

First, I've never been a cat person. "Book," as you all know, is my chocolate Lab and office assistant. MacKenzie's new kitten is spending a lot of time in the office though... and I loved this photo of her on my "pride shelf" above my desk. These are all signed copies of our books from the authors we've published. I remember ten years ago, when we had a handful of books, I used to visualize a long bookshelf with the Wyatt-MacKenzie logo on every spine. Tadaa!

On this wall are some of the awards and media I've received. The frame with my favorite local articles are always a hoot to friends and family that stop by the office. They don't realize there are two huge bins hidden behind them of international media Wyatt-MacKenzie books and authors have received... from the NY Times to the Wall St. Journal and every magazine known to women and moms to newspapers of every author's local city, copies of awards, and most recently a bound book from the Nobel Laureate Ceremonies which our author inserted notes with each Laureate's comments on our book... utterly wonderfully fulfilling. I wish my dad could have been alive to see that one, and my bookshelf, sans cat. He despised cats.