Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wyatt-MacKenzie Books Were Props in a Movie!

In February of 2014 I received an email: 

"I am an Associate Producer writing in hopes of acquiring the rights to use your books as props in our feature film." 

I was beyond excited. I packed up the titles she requested and raced to the post office to send them to Hollywoooooood! (Yes, I was singing all the way.) Then we waited.

In January of 2015 we learned that the movie, "Stockholm, Pennsylvania," had premiered at Sundance (and won big) and Lifetime acquired the rights. 

On May 9, it aired! We had absolutely no way of knowing if any of our books were included, or if they'd be remotely visible. I tried to have low expectations.

To my squealing surprise, first we saw Cynthia Nixon (one of my favorites!) reach into a package and pull out a pile of books with Wyatt-MacKenzie's CALL ME OKAASAN by Suzanne Kamata, our author in Japan, proudly displayed on top. Oh my God!

Later in the film, our book SOUL TO SOUL PARENTING by Annie Burnside, our author in Chicago who is frequently asked to sit in the front row of Oprah's Lifeclass filming, appeared on the top of another pile of books. And, below it, barely visible, was the spine of UNTHINKABLE. Wowweee!

So, I say, our books are MOVIE STARS! Congrats my little darlings. . .for being on a movie set, for making the cut, for being held in Sex and the City hands.


Did you know that every book you see in a movie requires permission from the publisher? And, sometimes the publisher is paid a licensing fee if the book is higher visibility than the movie.

I'm not sure how the producers narrowed it down to ask for Wyatt-MacKenzie books in particular, and I have no idea how our books managed to make it on the TOP of both piles, but I am thrilled at the small bigness of it all.

Even though one of our books hasn't been made into a movie — YET! — three of our books were in a movie, and that's pretty cool. A step in the right direction for sure.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprints Late Fall ~ Early Spring

Here's a belated recap of the Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint titles from October 2014 to April 2015...

POWERFUL PEACEFUL PARENTING: Guiding Children, Changing Lives was released October 2014 by Stacy Haynes. Amazon reviews read: “A refreshing and novel approach to parenting,” and “I wish my parents had this book when I was growing up,” and “I would strongly recommend for parents of any age.”

A SECOND CHANCE: An Inspirational Journey through the Eyes of an Animal Shelter Volunteer was released in November 2014 by Liz Miesnik. Reviews include: “This beautiful book will bring you joy,” and I looked over the book and cried! It is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read!” and “A must-read for all canine enthusiasts and animal rights activists.”

THE TRUEST THINGS I KNOW: Five Simples Lessons for Choosing Love Over Fear was released in November 2014 by Laurel A Ross, who designed her own cover which I thought was so cool. Amazon reviews include: “Full of humor, vulnerability, and heart...a good resource,” and “Written from the premise that we hold the keys to our own success and happiness...it can change your life!”

LIVING WHAT YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO LEARN: The Power of Self-Aware Parenting was released in December 2014 by Cathy Cassani Adams. Besides winning one of the best titles for a book, ever award, Amazon reviews include: “...surprised at how different this parenting book is as compared to others I've read...a uniquely satisfying and highly effective approach,” and “Every mother should read this book!” and “...masters the duality of big picture and present moment all in one. It is a clear stand-out in a sea of parenting books.”

Two wonderful memoirs were release in December, A FULL HOUSE AND THEN SOME by David Florian and GETTING HONEST by Volina Cross. I'm inspired by these brave writers who are bold enough to share their stories – positive and negative – to leave a legacy and inspire others to do the same.

Amazon reviews for David read: “I hope my golden years (which aren't too far off) will be as satisfying and pleasantly introspective as his,” and “Many of his stories are truly incredible and unique once you start reading you will not be able to put down highly recommended!”

An Amazon review for Volina reads: “Beautifully and faithfully written, this book is timely and relevant for anyone seeking to claim the respect and dignity of all people, and redirect pain away from violence to transformation and hope.”

ALICE'S LAW: honoring lost loved ones and finding deeper meaning was released January 2015 by Lauren Muscarella. Lauren signed over a year ago and I am so proud she reached the goal line. This is an extraordinary little book that will empower readers to choose the tougher path of confronting loss. Amazon reviews read: “Powerful and profoundly optimistic,” and “Offers readers a less orthodox way to mourn death by celebrating the persons life,” and “Exceeded my initial expectations...the author has a positive, yet practical, approach to grief and life in general.”

THE GAMBLE was released February 2015 by Geoffrey Tigg. This is Geoff's seventh Imprint book! He's written six novels and his father's memoir. An Amazon reviewer writes: “The plot is intense and provides a lot of anxiety-ridden action...his book is very well written and highly enjoyable.”

Geoff lives in B.C. Canada and drove down the coast to visit me in Oregon years ago, bringing these two bottles of wine (custom labeled with his first two book covers and character's name) which serve as bookends for his books on my pride shelf.

FROM PEANUTS TO POWER was released in March by Senator Charles Walker. One Amazon reader reviews: “...put a lifetime of perspective into this succinct, easy-to-read, how-to book about what he believes it takes to be succesful in America.” Another writes, “A powerful testimony from a great man.”

BROOKLYN: a novel was released in April by Krystal Grant (her 3rd novella) whose past reviewers correctly say:  “This author has a very bright future...I am looking forward to reading many, many more from Mrs. Krystal Grant.”