Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wyatt-MacKenzie Options Two Books for TV/Film!

A recent article in Hybrid Mom magazine asked Where Have All the Good TV Moms Gone? Wyatt-MacKenzie aims to help Hollywood by signing Options for two of our amazing books with phenomenal mom roles!

Picture this: Mom CIA -- caring for five kids at home while fighting terrorism at work. Jack Bauer move over, you've got nothing on this mom! Real-life terrorism analyst, the first one to write about bin Laden, brings us into her life -- from the Situation Room briefing the President on national security threats to handling teen angst at home. Turns out -- bullies are the same in every arena, be it high school or the United Nations.  

Or this: It's 1977, an alcoholic mom writes a book about her stint in a mental institute; rights are purchased by biggest movie star at the time and she stars in the made-for-TV movie. Flash forward to 2010 -- the mom, now 40-years-sober, reflects back on her prolific career as a TV writer/producer that her first movie deal spiraled into and writes part two of the 1977 classic. A "Who's Who?" list of unnamed celebrities and industry-insiders are woven into lesson-laden biographical chapters and eye-opening AA meetings.

NATIONAL SECURITY MOM and WOMEN'S GROUP, have been "optioned" -- which simply means screenplays are being written and avidly pitched to producers. Two fantastic screenwriters have optioned our CIA book, and the author of WOMEN'S GROUP is pursuing her own TV/Film deal.

It's a long, long way to a "Sale"... but it sure is exciting to imagine! And, the thought of smart, heroic mom characters, balancing great careers and family life, is even more exciting. As Jennifer Rawlings asks in her article: "Wouldn't it be wonderful to see a sitcom that does what millions of moms do every day -- strive to find the balance between family and work?" Yes Jennifer, it sure would, especially if they were based on Wyatt-MacKenzie books!