Friday, May 7, 2010

An IPPY nomination!

Suzanne Kamata's CALL ME OKAASAN has been nominated for an Independent Publisher Award in Multicultural non-fiction!  

Born and raised in Michigan, and most recently from South Carolina, Suzanne is an expat living in rural Japan with her Japanese husband and bicultural twins.
ABOUT THE BOOK: What happens when your child doesn't speak your native language? How do you maintain cultural traditions while living outside your native country? And how can you raise a child with two cultures without fracturing his/her identity? From our house to your house - to the White House - more and more mothers are facing questions such as these. Whether through intercultural marriage, international adoption or peripatetic lifestyles, families these days are increasingly multicultural. In this collection, women around the world, such as Xujun Eberlein, Violet Garcia-Mendoza, Rose Kent, Sefi Atta, Saffia Farr, and others, ponder the unique joys and challenges of raising children across two or more cultures. 

Suzanne Kamata's work has appeared in over 100 publications. She is the author of a novel, LOSING KEI, and the editor of two previous anthologies - THE BROKEN BRIDGE: Fiction from Expatriates in Literary Japan and LOVE YOU TO PIECES: Creative Writers on Raising a Child with Special Needs, and is currently fiction editor of "Literary Mama".