Saturday, February 20, 2010

Screen legend Patricia Neal endorses UNTHINKABLE

It's another “amazing author moment” — Dixie Coskie, author of UNTHINKABLE landed one of her dream endorsements! Legendary actress Patricia Neal whose son endured a traumatic brain injury, recently read Dixie’s memoir/caregiver’s handbook and wrote:

“I am someone who does not just believe in miracles, I depend on them. Miracles come in many forms. Some come at the speed of a lightning bolt... body healed... a life saved. But most miracles come about because of incredible hard work and determination, not only by the injured person fighting for his or her way back, but also by the often unsung heroes who do the world of the angels here on earth.
One of these angels is Dixie Fremont-Coskie, who has written UNTHINKABLE: A Mother’s Tragedy, Teror, and Triumph through a Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury. The book not only tells the remarkable story of her son Paul’s continuing recovery from a terrible cycling accident, she has also outlined her insights and experiences as a caregiver in the form of a practical handbook to help others who may face similar challenges. I highly recommend this book. As a woman who has had one of my own children triumph over a traumatic brain injury, I salute the author’s courage, faith, and most of all love.”
~ Patricia Neal, February 2010