Friday, February 19, 2010

Karin Piper on Colorado TV

"Open enrollment is underway for Colorado Schools... approximately 38,000 kids are waiting to get into Colorado Charter Schools...," begins the KWGN Channel 2 newscast introducing The Education Choice Expert Karin (pronounced kaRIN, not Karen) Piper, author of CHARTER SCHOOLS: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents!

I spoke with Karin yesterday after her first TV appearances and laughed so hard tears ran down my cheeks. Karin is from Sweden, and has the most endearing accent and sweetest turns-of-phrases I've ever heard. So, listening to her share the story of preparing for her appearances on Colorado's morning shows was sheer joy for me.

Karin has been receiving platform-building and publicity advice and training from fellow Wyatt-MacKenzie author and Promote U Guru, Lisa Orrell. Karin shares, "Lisa told me everyone has a tick and I need to practice to find out what I do that's tickish. Well, my husband had just left for Zurich, so I had to practice in the mirror. I never did find my tick, but trying to not do 'it' resulting in my not breathing throughout the entire first interview, I do believe I went pretty blue."

Continuing through my laughter, Karin says, "Lisa also told me, 'Don't wear white, it'll wash you out.' I looked in my closet, everything was white. Everything!"

More laughter. "Lisa also told me to cake on the make-up. I looked in the mirror and thought, Oh My God I look like a hooker! Well, I wasn't hookerish enough, when I saw myself on TV I thought, where did my eyes go?"

Karin did a fantastic job for her first time on local TV... watch for her to go national very soon! Here's Karin on KWGN, see her also on FOX Good Day Colorado.