Monday, January 4, 2010

The Rewards Are Many...

Publishing is a tough gig. It's an emotional roller coaster for both the authors and their publishers (well, for indie publishers like Wyatt-MacKenzie that treat authors like family that is). In 2007 I released A BOOK IS BORN, a 3-year project which followed 24 of my authors through the unbelievably rewarding highs and ego-crushing lows of the publishing process. One of the goals for this new blog is to share excerpts from my book and stories from authors past and present.

Here's a brand new "reward" story. When we sign a new author one item they work on is a "wish list" for endorsements. The top of that list is usually a famous author whose blurb on their cover would mean the world to the author. With some research to find contact info, and a well-worded pitch, authors begin the challenge of getting their advance review copies into the hands of these dream-reviewers and cross their fingers. Here's a wonderful "surprise" one of our new authors received from his wife and step-daughter when he landed the top-of-his-list endorsement. This photo makes me so happy, I could feel the pride of our author Chuck Barrett when his idol NY Times bestselling author Steve Berry gave THE SAVANNAH PROJECT a thumbs up.
Congrats! Chuck launched Switchback Publishing, An Imprint of Wyatt-MacKenzie through our empowered publishing program. His thriller comes out in March!