Monday, January 4, 2010

6 Wyatt-MacKenzie Books released today!

Our January books...

Wyatt-MacKenzie's Dixie Coskie releases UNTHINKABLE a book which stirred me to the core. Dixie chronicles her experiences from the moment she gets the call,  “Dixie, get down here, Paul has been hit by a car; the ambulance is on its way.” Dixie's 13-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury. She has compiled her story with soul-saving tips for other parents who encounter a traumatic injury or illness in their family.

And, we have 4 new Imprints releasing 5 books this month...

A semi-autobiographical novel from another TBI surviver, Jennifer Chamber's LEARNING LIFE AGAIN.

The most wonderful book for women of all ages, but especially those over 50, SECOND BLOOMING from Betsy Smith and Kathleen Logan. Stay tuned for more info about their Cruise Book Launch!

An absolutely moving collection of adoption stories, SNOWFLAKES compiled by Teresa Kelleher.

If you have teens taking the SATs and ACTs these resources: Subject Tests and Secrets are indispensable from math tutor Richard Corn.