Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alcoholism isn't a spectator sport...

Have you ever seen this quote: "Alcoholism isn't a spectator sport. Eventually the whole family gets to play." It's from bestselling author and prolific screenwriter Joyce Rebeta-Burditt (IMBD). In 1977 Joyce wrote THE CRACKER FACTORY, a semi-autobiographical novel, which was optioned by Natalie Wood and turned into a made-for-TV movie. Watch a clip:

This past fall we signed Joyce for her next novel! WOMEN'S GROUP will be released in September 2010. It's the bookend of the story begun in 1977. Now, with 41 years sobriety, the main character shares a deliciously cryptic peek inside her world of Hollywood as a network executive and TV writer/producer. 

I am so honored to sign this huge title with such a major player, but truly the reward of attracting this to me is on a deeply personal level. The first time I was published was in an Al-Anon book in 1985. Here's the original typed poem, I still keep in my dream box.

How did Joyce choose Wyatt-MacKenzie? First, refer back to the "wish list" blog entry - almost every author I sign has an author who inspired them. I encourage my authors to reach out to those oftentimes famous personalities and ask for their dream endorsement. Author of THE SECOND CHASM, Karen Kibler, was not only inspired by THE CRACKER FACTORY, it helped her label her own depression, saved her life, and directly inspired the writing of her book. When Karen reached out to Joyce to review her galley, we both danced when she accepted! Then, having watched Karen's publishing journey, Joyce emailed me asking if I'd be interested in her next book. I couldn't respond fast enough with a YES! Karen has been able to serve as editor, working with her idol, and meeting her in Beverly Hills for a final manuscript review!