Thursday, December 30, 2010

A 3-Wow Week

I've been working on a few special projects over the holidays. Gotta love the responses I've been getting...

We're releasing a new edition of our rapidly-selling "spiritual parenting" book SOUL TO SOUL PARENTING. Annie Burnside has been getting great reviews, and, most importantly, parents are implementing Annie's ideas and infusing spirituality into everyday lessons. The new Kindle edition will be available in January! When I sent Annie the cover sketch, her response, first wow: "I LOVE the new cover!!!!! WOW—a big YES:)"

We're answering numerous requests to extract the excellent "Trauma Tips" from Dixie Coskie's heart-wrenching book UNTHINKABLE. Parents have told us the tips are invaluable, and wished they could have them in a tip booklet on their own. Wishes granted! Dixie has also been hired by a major corporation to do a series of speaking gigs and the new UNTHINKABLE: TRAUMA TIPS, out in January, will be one of her speaking tools and giveaways to conference attendees. Dixie's response, second wow: "RE: Tip Booklet attached! WOW!"

And we're jazzed about the newest release from Maria Bailey. I think I have hit on a great typographic cover for this "little black book of mom mavens." Maria's response, third wow: "Wow!!!! It's awesome!!! That's a kick ass cover!"