Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend - Racing Sponsor!

While my world revolves around books, Wyatt & MacKenzie have a dad whose perfect world is adrenalin-filled, loud, hard-bouncing, steel-scraping racing arenas. Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing sponsors his rock-crawler called "The Timber Chicken" (one day our investment will pay off, he's an amazing driver, and media love him - he's darn cute if I do say so myself). The guy who makes everything happen here at Wyatt-MacKenzie behind the scenes - literally, I could not do what I do without him - gets a few weekends a year with his family's undivided attention and enthusiasm - maybe mine's a little too much, as you'll hear in this video. TEAM CHICKEN was the first to make it through the course - I got a little excited. You see his competitor roll by at the end of the video, never making it over the great big culvert in the beginning.

Here's a shot from this race's website, you can see me in the crowd shooting the video above =) In the photo Joey's "spotter" Grant is pulling winch line. They both did an awesome job.

Before you ask, yes, it took a few years... okay, a decade... for this graphic designer computer-geek from Boston to understand the affection these Deadwood boys have for four-wheelin'. After 17 years together, Joey has learned more about publishing than I have about racing, but we've both learned to love what makes each other happy. Wyatt-MacKenzie foresees a successful MotorSports Division! 

Joey Montoya ... driver, TIMBER CHICKEN (center, with the hat)