Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wyatt-MacKenzie Signs Wild Bobby Kennedy Book!

We have signed our third novel! Humping Credenzas with the Late Bobby Kennedy: A Convict's True Account. It is the re-release, revised edition of an absolutely wild, very adult, story. Not for the faint of heart, the author Robert Gordon masterfully crafts a tale of reincarnation and redemption. Read more about Robert in Huff Post essays "Letter to Obama from a Dying Friend" and "Life Lessons from a Dying Friend" - you will be as awed as I am by this amazing man. And, having grown up outside of Boston, anything Kennedy perks up my ears. Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint Naomi Baltuck introduced Robert to us, and has been instrumental in working with the author on the final manuscript up in Seattle these last few weeks.  

Originally published as "When Bobby Kennedy Was a Moving Man" - here is our new cover design. Robert took the photo of Bobby Kennedy himself when he was a child, sharing the story with me: "In Washington D.C. with my father in 1967. My father urged me to go and take a picture. Kennedy spent 5 minutes showing a scared little boy how to use his own new Instamatic camera! It is my most prized possession."

The major review rags went nuts over the first edition in 1994 and this one has been polished to the point of international, award-winning, film-worthy shine. New York Times Book Review: "Audacious. Full of wicked humor and compelling forays into the dark side of the Kennedy myth." Booklist called it a "Whimsical Fantasy." Kirkus: "A nimble, electrifying debut."

Represented by the prestigious Donadio & Olson, Inc., I worked with Neil Olson, who was fantastic, and I am so honored that Wyatt-MacKenzie is in partnership with this respected NY agency.

Stay tuned for a quick Fall 2010 release!