Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stem-Cell Transplant Memoir Holds Key to Curing M.S.

March is M.S. Awareness Month and Sandi Selvi celebrates the ten-year anniversary of a successful stem-cell transplant and remission from M.S. in her humorous memoir WON'T DO STAND-UP IN A WHEELCHAIR (Wyatt-MacKenzie, Mar. 31, 2010).
After being diagnosed with M.S. in 1995, Sandi Selvi began to decline rapidly and quickly became frustrated with conventional medical options. The drugs had nasty side effects, and in her case, the drugs stopped working. So, in March of 2000 Sandi joined forces with the brilliant doctors at Scripp's in San Diego for a $100,000 autologous stem cell transplant. 

During the two-month medical procedure Sandi came pretty close to death, but a $10.99 box of comedy tapes she bought at Costco helped her through recovery, and changed her life. Sandi now shares her journey, and her medical miracle, through stand-up comedy, and through inspiring, yet humorous, keynote speeches.

Lynn Ruth Miller, author of STARVING HEARTS, reviews, "Spell-binding-rings true on every level. Inspiring and empowering for anyone facing challenges they think are so insurmountable that they cannot be overcome." 

Sandi Selvi has since been delighting audiences with her wit and insight at places like the Improv, Rooster T. Feathers, the Comedy Store, Caroline's on Broadway and many other venues since her transplant. Her keynote speeches are in-demand at corporate and professional association events. Based on her incredible medical journey, magazine and newspaper articles have been written about her life and sense of humor, and Sandi was also featured in the movie Comedy, Ain't for the Money.

For Sandi’s performance dates, video clips, or inquiries about her keynote speeches, visit http://www.SandiSelvi.com.