Monday, February 1, 2010

The Soundtrack to the Logging Industry

When we first launched Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing in 1998 we helped some local musicians record a concert and package it on CD. Wyatt and MacKenzie's dad was a logger, dropping out of high school at 14 to work at the logging camps in Alaska. For 25 years he worked in the woods, crippling his body and leaving him tense at the end of every day. It's a grueling career. 
I was finally able to make the music available as MP3 downloads – if you're a logger, you'll love it. If you know a logger, let him know, and he'll love you for it. Take a listen on amazon:

Deemed "the most well-known and successful band dedicated to the woodsman and his family" - Craig (Jenkins) & Terry (McKinnis), and their band are talented musical loggers who have entertained the logging industry for three decades. 

Their songs are about the logger's life, all written by men who have been there. A sampling of the titles tell it all: "The Snag Fallers Ball," "Gypo Crummy," and "Two Moonlight Rides," words and music by Don Beck. The introduction to "Two Moonlight Rides" explains that back in the days of his youth, when Don went to work for an old logger he was promised two things: two moonlight rides, and a picnic in the woods every day. "Spenders and Jeans" by Craig Jenkins tells of the conflict between a logger and his wife when he wants to wear his suspenders to town.