Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's an Imprint?

An Imprint is a smaller publishing company under the umbrella of a larger, more established publishing house. Random House has a bunch of them, I took this photo at BEA in 2007:

In early 2007 I combined my classes and consulting program, with the support I provide traditionally-published Wyatt-MacKenzie authors, and created a unique publishing option for those book projects I loved, but wasn't able to take on the traditional roster.

Having taught entrepreneurial authors since 2001 how to launch their own independent presses and how to use Lightning Source as their distribution solution, I extended this to our Imprint Program. We help each author: name their imprint and create an icon (see examples below!); get set up with their own Lightning account; provide start to finish book packaging; plus author positioning and branding; plus a marketing calendar and resources, publicity support, and inclusion on our "pr radar" and tips from our experience; plus an indie-publishing education and consulting; plus we help authors understand bookstore special orders, private-labeling, licensing and upselling; and, as your umbrella publisher, Wyatt-MacKenzie handles any industry inquiries (since you have a Wyatt-MacKenzie ISBN, ie. when we get faxed a purchase order for your books from our library contact, we help you fill the order), and we can act as an agent for any rights deals or opportunities we attract for authors, or that authors need help pitching, packaging or producing! 

Read more about The Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint Program. See the Imprint Books. Here's the poster which flashed thru my mind three-and-a-half years ago when I saw Random House's...